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Why Is Authenticity Important in Marketing?

Being authentic in marketing should be simple, right? But the truth is, it’s not so simple because marketing is evolving faster than marketers can keep up. Today, with online reviews, social media and the demand for honesty from consumers, you must be more authentic than ever before. Let’s look at the reasons authenticity in marketing are important today. It Promotes Trust When you’re authentic in your marketing and people learn that you are, they’re going to tell others when buying your products. This means that you’re going to end up with a lot higher trust quotient than someone who oversold

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Your logo is only graphic until it’s a brand: 7 ways to change a logo to a brand

The legend goes: In Shenzhen, the worlds’ biggest electronic manufacturing city, if you threw the latest model of iPhone in the air, by the time it hits the floor, there’ll be more than 100 knock-offs of it. Looking exactly the same, performing almost all functions and some of them will be shamelessly branded with an Apple bogus logo. Being a brand matters, having a logo will only see your company die slowly disappear into market place oblivion. By the time you finish reading this article, you will understand why your logo is not a brand and how you change that,

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