Getting You More Clients Through Digital Marketing
Expose your business smarter And have new clients lining up for your services
Making You More Relevant In Your Industry
By getting your business on various Social Media Channels where your clients and peers listen
Getting your brand and voice closer to the client
With a robust YouTube channel and frequent Linked in posts you can reach your clients in the comfort of their offices and have them hear you
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We are multimedia agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Our focus includes digital marketing, web development, video production and the occasional print work.


CORPORATE BRANDED GIFTS: How And Why You Should Invest In Them
Running out of ideas to promote your business?
Want to market yourself to decision makers?
Or you just want to stay top of the mind, with your clients.
Then consider Branded Corporate Gifts!
All kinds of merchandise branded with your logo and company colors!
Give them to promote your business! Give them as gifts, or Give them as a tool be remembered by your clients

without proper marketing...

Without proper marketing…
– How irrelevant have you become?

Without proper marketing…
– How  much money are YOU LEAVING on the table?

Without A YouTube Channel…
– How many customers could you be SPEAKING TO, guiding and INFLUENCING?

Without A Facebook Influence …
– How many potential customers can’t hear you in A SEA OF NOISE?

Without Google Advertising…
– How much of your INCOME has DRIED OUT because no one knows about you?

Without proper marketing…
– Can you rely on the same customer forever… ever heard of “OVER STAYING A WARM WELCOME”

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Digital Marketing Agency Sandton

Digital Marketing

With so many digital marketing techniques ranging from search, social and email marketing, which one is suitable for your business.

Digital Marketing Agency Sandton

Brand Identity

Your brand identity components, could account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.

Digital Marketing Agency Sandton

Web Development

First impressions count and a website that captures the imagination of a first visitor will leave a lasting impression and leave them wanting more.

Digital Marketing Agency Sandton

Content Creation

Content is king, which is why content for your digital campaign can help you keep a customer and get you a new one or chase both away.

Digital Marketing Agency Sandton

Social Media Management

Your brand needs to be engaging, posting and sharing constantly 24 out of 7, but who has time for that? Let us keep up with the trends and let you handle your biz.

Digital Marketing Agency Sandton


Let us help you entertain and engage your customers with a format that tells more than a thousand words.

Digital Marketing Agency Sandton


“We are practical men and women, who’s solutions are determined by the actual conditions existing in our country” This is not a quote you hear or see everyday as often as you come across many of the speaker… President Nelson Mandela! We live by its convictions – practicality, determined by conditions, existing in our country. Its in our YouTube Video channel montage, its in our thinking, its in the way we approach solutions… its our mantra. Besides that we pride ourselves on providing our clients with excellent services and great value for their money based on request, because at ICONEER®, the satisfaction of our clients is our main focus, always remember that we are the best in the services that we offer, let us help you, and then you can show the world how proud you are. Because We Inspire, Grow and Connect with you.


Below are some of the projects that iconeer worked on recently.

Digital Marketing Agency Sandton
Digital Marketing Agency Sandton
Digital Marketing Agency Sandton
Digital Marketing Agency Sandton